FRANCEMETAL, environmental citizenship every day.

Sustainable development is a public interest concept, applied to economic growth. It is the kind of development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

-- World Commission on Environment and Development - 1987 --

All aspects of environmental management are a priority for FRANCEMETAL.

From the design of our offices, to supply and production, to client deliveries, we make every effort to take the environmental factor into account with the objective of minimising our environmental footprint. We recycle all our waste (metal, various liquids, paper, cardboard, plastic) with the help of companies that specialise in waste removal, and we sort waste as it leaves the plant.


Steel being a material than is 100% recyclable with no change in quality, it can be reused indefinitely without any modification to its initial properties.

Specific cases of GALCO buildings.

When you choose steel for your buildings, you are investing in the future of the planet.

Construction using a metal frame made of folded sheet metal is recognised as environmentally friendly because this type of construction has a negligible impact on the environment (reduced weight of metal used, minimal masonry).

This is why, at FRANCEMETAL, we meet the requirements of standard 14001.